Wondering Whether You Need To Detoxify Your Body? Know Here!

by Ankita Das

If you haven’t heard of detoxification, then you must have been living under a rock lately. Detoxification or cleansing of toxins is gradually making its way into the mainstream conversation and our daily lives more than ever. However very few among us have any real insights into how detoxification actually works. If you have been dealing with brain fog which has started bringing down your productivity and making you feel drained out all the time, then it’s high time you give the detoxification of your body a serious thought. You might wonder what are some other signs that indicate that your body needs detoxification. So here in this blog, Dr Aparna Satheesh describes how to understand that your body needs detoxification.

Here she discusses how to be sure that your body has accumulated enough toxins to make you feel tired and exhausted even after eight hours of sleep. So without much further ado let’s start with some of the most evident signs that indicate you need to follow a detoxification routine to rinse toxins off your body.


It’s no brainer, that we need to detox our body every now and then!

Wondering why? Read On to Know!

Usually, the human body detoxifies itself; the large intestine, the liver, the lymphatic system, the kidneys, the lungs, and obviously the biggest organ, skin. All these organs are working continuously to expel waste byproducts that our body absorbs from the outside environment or produce during the digestion process.

So when we have organs working towards making our body toxin free then why do we need to do anything else to help our body to get rid of toxins? Unfortunately, in today’s world, we are continuously knowingly and unknowingly consuming too many toxins and our body can’t completely detoxify itself anymore because of excess toxins. We are literally getting bombarded with toxins through food we eat, skin care products we apply on our skin, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

Signs That You Need to Take Detoxification of Your Body Seriously this Time

Watch this video of Aparna Satheesh in Malayalam explaining what are some telltale signs that you need to detoxify your body.

Here she explains how experiencing these symptoms more than three months can be a sign of congested liver and you might need to detoxify.

Aparna Satheesh has informed eLifeGuru, that she holds B.N.Y.S (Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences) degree and she is qualified under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. She is one of the Gurus associated with eLifeGuru to talk about and give the best tips on detoxification. Aparna can consult in English as well.


1. A chronic Migraine or Other Type of Headache

Sometimes it’s stress, sometimes it’s toxins. Yes, your migraine can be an indication of your body receiving too many toxins that it can expel, thus it is telling you to do something about the ailing liver. Headaches that you get because of toxin can be felt in the temples or at the back of your head, which can be often confused with tension or a stress headache. Along with a headache if you get stomach pain or you feel nauseated then it can be because of excessive toxin accumulation in your body.


2. Bloating or Frequent Gas

Frequent gas formation is another sign of toxins accumulation in your body and it’s your body’s way to tell you to start a detoxification routine.


3. Fatigue and Lower Energy level

If you are experiencing chronic fatigue, it can also be a sign of increased toxicity in the liver.


4. Bad Breath

Bad breath and plaque on the tongue can be signs of chemical buildup in your body. Our mouth inhabits thousands of numerous bacteria. Most of them are normal but few cause thick layer yellowish plaque on your teeth and tongue and this contributes to bad breath or halitosis, which is a symptom of toxin accumulation in our body.


5. Frequent Craving for Sweets

Do you think too much about the cake left in the fridge? Always craving sweets? Then your liver might need to get checked by a specialist doctor and you better start following a detoxification diet.


6. Low Immunity

Frequently suffer from a cough and cold? Always down with the flu. Are you sure this isn’t because of an increased level of toxicity in your liver?

If you can relate to a few of these symptoms, then it may be a sign you need to follow proper detoxification diet. Would you like to help with that? You can send in an enquiry for a private video or audio consultation with Aparna Satheesh here.

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