The Best Steps To Follow To Fall Asleep Faster

by Ankita Das

Facing trouble to drift off? Counting sheep doesn’t work for you? Many who face trouble falling asleep, swear by drinking a glass of lukewarm milk just before bedtime while others prefer to count sheep to counter insomnia. However, if nothing else has ever worked for you, then you may have clicked on the right link.

Wondering Why It’s So Hard for You to Fall Asleep? Read On To Bid Adieu To Sleep Deprivation

In case you are spending more time trying really hard to fall asleep than actually sleeping, then you already know how nerve-racking that experience can be. However, there is something that you must know, just the act of trying hard to fall asleep can cause you enough anxiety to keep your mind wide awake.

And when your mind can’t sleep, it becomes really difficult for your body to rest. However, there are few scientific methods which you can follow to guide your body to just relax and eventually drift off without trying much harder.

Mr Abubakkar Sithik talks about the easiest ways to fall asleep in the fastest way possible in his powerful video below. This one is in Tamil, however if you prefer speaking to Abubakkar in English, simply send us an enquiry from his profile page (or from the Live chat that runs on our website, just go to We are always here to help).

Mr Sithik has introduced himself to eLifeguru as a full-time registered Clinical Psychologist, who works with children as well and especially works to enhance their Attention and Social skills.

Has your anxiety reached an epic level? Calm your mind with these techniques.

1. Darkness is Your Friend

Setting up the right mood is important even when it’s for the most obvious thing like falling asleep. Avoid using electronic devices just before bedtime. Strong electronic buzz and light keep your brain awake and makes it hard for you to fall asleep. Make your room dark and consider buying a smoothing eye mask which will help you to drift off into the soft darkness where deep sleep is usually found.

You can light some scented candles to spray some room fresheners just before you make your bed and get ready for bed. Always wash your face, feet, brush your teeth and press a damp cloth to your shoulder before you get into bed to get a fresh soothing feeling. Change into comfortable clothes to help you fall asleep easily.

2. Try the Military Method

It works like a magic spell and literally makes you fall asleep on cue. The method is called the military method as U.S. Pilots regularly practice it to fall asleep within 2 minutes.

Start with relaxing your entire face, even the muscles inside your mouth.

  • Rest your shoulders and drop your hands slowly
  • Relax your chest and exhale
  • Relax your other tensed muscles like muscles of thighs, legs especially calves muscles.
  • To Relax your mind start thinking of something that makes you happy and helps you to ease up
  • If you can’t stop thinking and your mind refuses to shut itself off; keep repeating “don’t think” for at least 10 seconds.

You should fall asleep by now. Keep practising the technique to be able to sleep like a baby

3. The Most Effective 4-7-8 Breathing Technique

  • You need to let your lips be parted slightly and exhale through the mouth while making a whooshing sound.
  • Next, you close your lips and inhale while counting 4 through your nose.
  • Hold your breath for 7 seconds
  • Exhale through the mouth with a whooshing sound for 8 sounds.

Don’t be too cautious while practising this. You must at least complete the entire cycle for four such full breaths. Don’t aim to complete four cycles each time you do this; if you feel your body is getting relaxed earlier than anticipated, fall asleep without trying to complete the exercise.

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