Stop Overthinking and Reduce Stress: Four Simple Habits

by Ankita Das

Overthinking disorder has become quite common. Research shows that as high as 73% of young and middle-aged adults overthink and more than 57% of women have been identified as habitual over thinkers. Actually more women find themselves thinking too much than men; compare to 43% men 57% of women have become over thinkers.

If you are someone who thinks too much and mostly spends a lot of time “in your head” pondering over what you have said or what you should have done, then most probably you have already become habitual over thinker. Fret not, for here we are discussing foolproof habits that can make you stop worrying too much.

Now we have already talked about different ways to calm your mind under a stressful condition in another of our article. Want to know some tips on how to quit overthinking. You can watch this video as well.

Lately, so many people are coming to talk to us about overthinking disorder, that it seems to be high time to let people know what lifestyle changes or habits can make it easier for them to quit thinking too much.

Want to talk to someone about your habit of overthinking? Well, we can help you with that. Click here.

overthinking can never solve your problems

Overthinking can Restrict you from Living Your Life

Overthinking can stop you from enjoying your life; can disrupt your sleep cycle and can have a really negative effect on your productivity. Chronic Overthinking can lead to many physical discomforts, like shortness of breath, anxiety, feeling of exhaustion even when you are well-rested.  You can notice some changes to your skin; breakouts become more common when you are stressed always. Overthinking causes are multiple; we won’t be paying much attention to what drives us to think every time but we will focus on how to stop our mind from wondering too much.

Want to know how by following seven simple steps you can quit overthinking? Watch this video

Without further ado, let’s talk about habits, which will help you to stop your mind from wondering too much

Focus your mind to something that matters to you

Commit to a project which takes you closure to your goal. It sounds quite obvious, but many of us get associated with something that is exactly opposite to what they like to do. Now by doing what your heart desires, you will find yourself worrying less. Do something that you really enjoy to do.

Break the monotony

Our mind wonders as it tries to break the monotony. Now to keep your mind from getting bored, you need to break the monotony of your daily routine. It might sound weird, but in order to keep your mind active and busy, try to mix up your tasks.

Avoid situation that can lead you to overthink

Avoid people and situation that can lead you to overthink. Based on your past experience, by now you clearly know which kind of situation can keep you up all night unnecessarily. You need to be self-aware to understand which kind of circumstances will push you to overthink. It’s like what an alcoholic needs to do to stay sober. In brief, you need to avoid triggers that can put you back into that particular mental state.

Turn Overthinking into next action

When you overthink, unstructured thinking kills your time; the key is you need to turn your energy into structured thinking. When you find yourself thinking too much, try to focus on what could be your next possible action. Try to focus your thought into planning the list of next actions and then take the first step.

Quit thinking and start doing!

Ankita Das

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