Leading life with depression

by Kavhiyashri

In recent days depression has become fairly common which affects more than 15 million adults. It has now become the leading cause of among the younger generations. With depression, it is tough to enjoy life mainly when your feeling hopeless.

What is depression?

It is a serious mental illness which can interfere with a person’s life and cause long-lasting and severe feelings of sadness, hopelessness. It also causes pain, physical illness ad sleeping troubles. People misunderstand depression as a great disease but actually, depression is a similar feeling of sadness. It can ruin a person’s career, relationship and daily tasks.

What it feels like?

  • It makes people feel like there is no joy or pleasure in life.
  • People with depression lack concentration and focus on things.
  • Everything makes them feel hopeless.
  • people with depression feel like they are worthless and they fail at everything.
  • They feel exhausted and have very low energy.
  • No proper sleep Risk factors involved.

Depression can be caused by several reasons where a single cause cannot be found. There are a few reasons for depression-like 

  • Genetics – Depression and other mood disorders can run from families, but that does not mean the person will get depression.
  • Life events – The day to day events in life like stress may trigger depression. Lack of emotional values will lead to depression.
  • Illness- Anxiety, diabetes and heart diseases can likely lead to depression as it is a symptom of bipolar disorder.
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Depression is a cause for both men and women, Research suggests that the cause of depression is different for women when compared to men.due to the biological factors, different experiences and cultural expectations. For men, it is due to drug abuse, major stressful events. To get out of a depression I can suggest you few steps to follow and that would help you to come out of it. 

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Top three reasons for Depression

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