How to Take Control Of Your Life By Quitting Overthinking

by Ankita Das

As a highly intelligent species, we, human beings are wired to solve problems. We deal with so many problems on a daily basis, and in an attempt to improve our problem-solving effort radically, we make some hasty decisions which many times backfire. And we end up bashing ourselves on making some of those ridiculous decisions. Right now you might be doing the same, over a mistake that you have made yesterday or you are fretting about how to be successful. Now thinking about so many things at the same time can lead you to overthink; when you are anxious about a situation or you are worrying too much about the result or  the outcome of your actions, you might end up overthinking.



Whatever the reasons are the notorious habit of overthinking doesn’t go away easily and you are most likely going to be plagued by distressing, unreasonable thoughts. And soon you will be the prisoner of your own ruminations and the inability to get out of your head will leave you in a state of constant anguish.

Pattern of Overthinking



All over-thinkers are not creatures of the same habit, some dwell on the past and others worry too much about the future.

Ruminating involves thinking too much about the past and Persistent worrying involves negative and often persistent worries about the future. Both are equally harmful.

Ruminating is when you are thinking, I should have said these things during that argument or on the job interview yesterday. Whereas persistent worries about future would invite thoughts like, what I am going to say in the presentation tomorrow; most probably I am going to forget everything I am supposed to say and everyone will think I am an idiot.

These two destructive thought patterns prevent us from doing anything constructive and create havoc in our mood.

Now, How Can You Become More Confident in Life and can Break the Habit of Overthinking?



At any given point in life, it is quite possible the slightest change in our perception can change the circumstances from being positive to dark. Every one of us overthinks once in a while, however, some people can’t ever quiet the thoughts constantly whispering in their heads. An inner monologue goes on and on and you become too tired to be productive.

Anushri Shah, a Counseling Psychologist talks here in Hindi about how easily you can overcome your tendency to blowing things out of proportion in your head.



Anushri has informed eLifeGuru that she is a certified Counseling Psychologist and an EFT practitioner with 6 years of experience of working with kids and adults with emotional and behavioural issues. In this video, she talks about a few easy steps of avoiding overthinking, which starts with


Noticing when you are getting stuck in your head

Overthinking can become a habit and you won’t even realize when you are doing it. so the first step towards stopping overthinking should be recognizing when you are getting stuck in your thoughts.


Try to be more focused on solving problems

Dwelling on problems won’t do much; so try to be focused more on how to solve certain problems. If you have any control over the problem you are facing right now, then challenge yourself to identify at least three potential solutions.


Don’t get carried away

It’s very easy to get carried away by negative thoughts. So before you become too overwhelmed to deal with any issue, acknowledge that many times your thoughts are exaggeratedly negative. In reality, probably your problems aren’t that big and can be easily dealt with.


Lastly, schedule a time for reflection

Every action needs to be evaluated. Before you take any step you need to think of all possible outcomes. Schedule a time of the day when you will think about all this. Stewing on your challenges for longer isn’t a very clever thing to do as this is counter-productive. However a brief reflection on how you could do things differently, and what are potential pitfalls can be helpful and let you perform better in the future.

Want to talk further about your habit of overthinking? Want to chat with Anushri? We are leaving behind the link here.

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