Feeling All Blue? Signs That Indicates You Are Depressed

by Ankita Das

We all know what the stats are and I don’t want to bore you by telling something which you already know. However, I would like to draw your attention to some signs of depression that might seem you have a mood swing or are just having a bad day. Now you may wonder, how would I know the difference between just being sad and being depressed? Depression is felt more like an emotional slump, it obviously lasts longer than your sadness. Scientific studies suggest that one can’t be sad more than two weeks at a stretch. And generally, when you get sad, you find a reason behind it but when you are depressed usually you have already forgotten the reason but the feeling stays on.

Depression is persistent and severe enough to affect your life. Despite so many burning symptoms, many people often brush off these signs or mistake these for some other condition like sadness. In case you are wondering whether you are dealing with the persistent feeling of depression or just struggling with some unusual physiological symptoms like insomnia, or sleeping too much, feeling fatigued even after a complete 7-8 hour sleep, changed appetite and sudden weight loss or weight gain. This Blog post is written for you, for here you get to watch Rida talking about difficult signs that indicate you are dealing with depression and not just sad or gloomy.

For those who are suffering from depression, it’s way deeper than temporary sadness. If you identify the following signs, you should consider seeing a specialist who can rightly assess whether you are suffering from depression or not. Depression has many faces and it appears differently to different persons. However, few symptoms are quite common.

Your Sleeping Habit has Changed Suddenly

Those who are dealing with depression, one of the very first symptoms they would face is disturbances of sleep and a sudden change in sleep pattern, which include difficulty in falling asleep or staying awake. You may feel stressed, anxious and drowsy in the day time and in the night you are wide awake. Sleeping too much or not sleeping at all both are signs of depression.

Lack of Concentration

When you are depressed you might notice that you can’t concentrate on the task in your hand. Individuals who are depressed, it becomes difficult for them to focus. They often face issue with retrieving specific details.

Feeling of Hopelessness

Feeling of hopelessness is quite common among people who are clinically depressed. A feeling of numbness lingers on and they suffer from extremely complicated feelings, which include the sense of failure and dissatisfaction and a feeling of nothing is going to be better in life.

You Become Agitated Easily

When you are depressed, it’s common for you to feel agitated and tempted easily. You feel everyone and everything is getting on your nerves. Short temper is common among people who are struggling with depression for a really long time.

Physical symptoms such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol are quite common among people suffering from depression. Many who are dealing with depression can turn to unhealthy food habit, which can lead to either weight gain or excessive weight loss.

In case you think depression is affecting your body in a negative manner, then you should take it seriously, and consult someone who can help you to get out of the dark. You can talk to Rida just by clicking here.

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