Struggling With Cholesterol? Neha Suryawanshi Talks About Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

by Ankita Das

Life is too short to settle with a disease or for a stale diet.

On the internet, you are likely to get myriads of articles on how to deal with cholesterol. However not every such article can effectively guide you on how to limit cholesterol without pushing yourself too hard. Let’s admit it, no one wants to live on a tasteless and oil less diet for long.

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Looking for guidance on heart-healthy foods which are not essentially tasteless always and works great to maintain your cholesterol level? Then you have clicked on the right link. This article is meant for those who are tired of trying out different diet plans to control their cholesterol without any success.

You are about to get exceptional advice on foods that are good for your heart, and foods you should be avoiding to keep your heart healthy and happy forever. In her brilliant informational video presented in Hindi below, Neha Suryawanshi talks about how immensely bad eating habit can impact your overall well being, especially if you are dealing with cholesterol.

Neha has informed eLifeGuru that she is an expert nutritionist who has 7+ years of clinical experience and has worked with more than 200+ clients, and that she advises her clients specifically on how to deal with Diabetes, Heart disease, Thyroid by adopting effective diets. So when an experienced dietician is at your disposal, you don’t need to worry about your cholesterol controlling diet any further.

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Worrying About Your Cholesterol Pretty Much Always? Some Experts Advise, Not To!

A higher level of cortisol which generates in your body due to long-term stress can increase cholesterol. Now, stress-related excessive adrenaline release will also trigger the level of triglycerides, which can effectively boost bad cholesterol. So, the more you obsessively think about your cholesterol the more you are inviting it to control your life for you. Don’t lose control? Don’t stall either. Make positive lifestyle changes to deal with higher cholesterol. Here’s a video on how to achieve a Healthy Lifestyle in three simple steps by Amandeep Kaur.

By worrying too much about a problem you are probably going to elevate it. So for most fast and effective result follow our diet plan based on what to eat and what not to!

What Should You Be Eating? A Compact Guide From Nutritionist, Neha Suryawanshi

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Cholesterol is a naturally occurring substance, and believe it or not we have 75% of the cholesterol in our blood and the remaining 25% we get from the food we eat. Now when we start in-taking more cholesterol than we are supposed to, the problem begins to peek into our life and we step towards heart diseases, sleep cycle disruption, brain blockage, chest pain, reduced blood flow, continuous fatigue, numbness in legs and arms, heart attack, stroke; 5.8 million people die from stroke, worldwide each year.

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However, the good news is, you can control it by regulating what you are eating.

  1. Firstly, you should not consume more than 200 mg of cholesterol each day. Cholesterol sources are organ meats like liver, shrimp, egg yolk, dairy products.
  2. You should also eat more soluble fibre. Fibre doesn’t let your gut absorb cholesterol

High Fibre Foods Are:

  1. Fruits are like apple, bananas, pears, prunes, and oranges
  2. Whole-grain cereals like oat bran and oatmeal
  3. Kidney beans, chickpeas, black-eyed peas, lentils, and lima beans

Wondering Whether Fishes Are Bad For The Health Of Your Heart? No, Not At All

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Include fishes that consist of a higher level of omega-3 fatty acid in your regular diet. Fatty acid will raise your HDL level however it won’t lower your LDL level. what’s more? Omega-3 fatty acid will prevent blood to get clotted inside arteries and can protect your heart from inflammation and blood clot, which obviously decreases any chance of stroke. Good sources of omega-3 fatty acids are tuna, salmon, mackerel. At least include these fishes twice a week to get the required amount of omega-3 fatty acid.

Want To Know What You Should Limit?

Limiting Salt And Alcohol Is Going To Save You A Great Deal Of Suffering Later in Life

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Now when it comes to salt, don’t consume more than 2,300 milligram of salt which is about 1 teaspoon a day. You must keep a close watch on how much salt you are consuming each day, be it already added in cooking or you add it with your food while eating. Make sure you are cautious about the amount of salt already present in the food products you buy. Watch the below video by Tripti Tambe to know more about how to read ingredients while buying food items:

It’s too obvious to mention that to be healthy you need to limit the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is laden with extra calories which can make you obese even can lead your way to morbid obesity. Being obese decreases your HDL level and can raise your LDL and triglyceride level.

Stressed about you gaining too much weight? Find out five effective techniques to lose weight pretty much immediately using the video below by Shilpi Agarwal:

Nutritionist Neha Suryawanshi Advises To Ditch These Foods, Completely

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  1. Beef, Lamb, Pork, Veal, Goose, Cream, Cheese, Butter; Any Animal Products That Contain Higher Saturated Fat.
  2. Fried Food
  3. Highly Processed Junk Foods
  4. Sugar In Any Form
  5. Saturated Oils
  6. Lard And Hydrogenated Margarine

Parting Words

Now, this guide will help you to know which food is good for your health and which are not. However, when you are dealing with depression or anxiety; your negative mood can control your cravings for a certain type of food. If you are struggling with binge eating and gaining weight at an alarming rate, then you need to speak to someone who can possibly help you with a structured diet plan. eLifeGuru can help you find such a person. Your Guru. You can talk to Neha and many other Gurus on eLifeGuru and get personalized consultation just by few clicks. We aim to have gurus on our platform who can converse with you in your mother tongue language and will be helpful in the true sense. At eLifeGuru , we believe, getting consultation should never feel like appearing for an interview or a spoken English test. Click on this link and talk your heart out to someone who you feel can help you.

Happy Living!

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