Adolescence, Ambition, Anger, Anxiety, Attachment, Attraction, Behaviour, Body Language, Defence Mechanisms, Depression, Family, Friendship, General, Guilt, Happiness, Impulse Control, Intimacy, Loneliness, Love, Marriage

by Arvind Kale

Memory, Midlife Crisis, Mindfulness, Monogamy, Morality, Motivation, Optimism, Over Thinking, Panic Attacks, Paranoia, Parenting, Personality, Personality Disorders, Persuasion, Pessimism, Phobias, Pornography Problems, Procrastination, PTSD, Rejection, Relationship, Resilience, Self Esteem, Sleep, Stage Fright, Stereotypes, Stress, Teenagers, Temperament, Therapy, Time Management, Visualization, Will power, Wisdom, Worry, Child Behaviour, Exam Support, Mood Swings, Motivation, Anxiety Disorders, Office Stress, Concentration, Shyness, Social Fear, Body Image.

Ashwath has acquired a multi-disciplinary knowledge base from academic study in computer science, consumer behaviour, human resource management and counselling. He holds an M. Phil Degree in Psychology.

Arvind Kale

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