About Us


eLifeGuru.com aims to bring the world closer by providing service providers and advice-seekers around the world a platform to connect and have a video/audio/text consultation.

Service Providers Worldwide: If you have a skill that you can impart to others or advice that you can give out based on your career, qualifications and experience. If you can do this via a video/audio/text consultation on your computer. Then you can very possibly be a Life Coach on eLifeGuru.com and work from anywhere in the world, including your living room. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

Check out our YouTube channel for videos from our ever-growing community of Life Coaches and see if you want to work from home too. Maybe you will like it and it could end up being the best career decision you ever made. YouTube channel as here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChegFkYKC7433VKLDpo6hqA.

“Live Anywhere. Work from anywhere. Set your own timetable. Experience true freedom living.”

Expat Advice Seekers: Ever been in a foreign country and really wished you had somebody from “back home” to consult with on an important matter? Maybe you’re just more comfortable when speaking to someone in your mother tongue language. Maybe the matter you want advice on is specific to your home country or the social culture and way of life over there. With eLifeGuru.com, you can now find such a person and book an online consultation with them. Think a French person living in Hungary who wants to speak with a specialist in French on an important matter. Think a person from India who is living broad who might need advice from someone based back home on a personal issue, and would be more comfortable speaking with a fellow Indian who understands their specific cultural background and hence their specific problem better.

“You never have to feel alone in a foreign country anymore! Your Language, Your Life Guru, from Your Country, at Your convenience.”

Meet the Team


Karthik Nagesan eLifeGuru Team CEO
Karthik Nagesan, CEO

Karthik Nagesan founded eLifeGuru after an incident where his mother based in India called him up one day and asked him to find a local property lawyer in the city where she lived. Based in the UK, Karthik had to call up friends from school and college to get someone arranged locally. This gave him the idea to create eLifeGuru.com, a platform to help others like him find someone “back home” to speak with in their mother tongue who understood local practices, customs and traditions.

Following his appearance in the BBC’s super hit business based TV reality show, The Apprentice, Karthik has gone ahead with implementing his business idea.


Ankita Das, Content Marketing Manager

Ankita Das is the content marketing manager and resident wordsmith at eLifeGuru. From spreading the good word on social media to liaising with Gurus to get great quality content videos out to the public, Ankita is the powerhouse of the team. Writing is the fuel to her nomadic soul. Content writing is her profession, and writing about experiences is her passion.




Harish Graphic Designer at eLifeGuru
Harish, Graphic Designer

Harish is the wizard of visual. Graphic Designer, Video Editor – the “all in all” of the team. Those videos you see delivering amazing advice and giving you the answers that make sense, are edited by him. He has done a brilliant job of trying to make beautiful videos out of original footage whose language he sometimes doesn’t even speak.




Arvind Kale, Market Research at eLifeGuru
Arvind Kale, Market Research

Arvind Kale heads the market research segment of the eLifeGuru team. He follows the “get out of the building” philosophy and speaks to people directly to get first hand information on the pulse of the market. Having a knack of asking the right kind of questions, Arvind can get people to open about the real problems they are trying to solve.





Kingson. Business Strategist. Helping with brainstorming out of the box ideas to enable eLifeGuru’s mission to provide everyone on this planet the ability to find someone to speak with, Kingson is the human computer ably assisting the whole operation.